How Negative Steve Barbarich Reviews Were Addressed Over the Years

While online reviews already revolutionized how people check products and companies online, receiving a negative review isn’t always the end for a business. There are strategies that you can use to recover from a bad review.

Steve Barbarich is one of those entrepreneurs who survived bad reviews. He managed to come back from bad reviews after fixing all the things that customers were complaining about. It wasn’t easy but he proved that it was possible.

So how exactly did he do it? How did the Steve Barbarich reviews that almost ruined him become generally good in the past years? And how did the perception change from Steve Barabrich scam articles to positive write-ups calling his ideas out-of-the-box and even genius?

Understanding the Problem

The first thing that he did was to understand what went wrong with his company and why customers hate the product all of a sudden. There was an initial hype with their products but after a few weeks, the flaws started to show.

He made sure to talk to the customers and understand where they were coming from. In addition to this, he also did his research. He discovered that there were design flaws in the products that he sold.

Creating Solutions

After discovering the problems with the products, he then made sure to solve the problem. For those who received a faulty product, he decided to call them and offered to give a refund. For those with damages that could be repaired, he provided them with an option to get a voucher in exchange for his company to fix the problem.

While a lot of customers decided to get a refund, it wasn’t exactly a losing position for Barbarich and his company. He established himself as an entrepreneur willing to put customers first.

Hiring Experts

Then, he decided to hire the experts. It wasn’t an easy step for Barbarich considering that he needed to hire someone more experienced. Also, it was expensive to hire someone who was going to fix your problem. As an engineer himself, he felt that he couldn’t fix the problem anymore with his experience. That was the time when he hired senior engineers.

Aside from fixing the product, he also decided to hire people who are known for marketing brands that suffered from bad PR. In his case, it wasn’t just a marketing agency that needed to recover from the bad reviews. He needed a company that could help him regain the trust of the public. And in addition to this, he made sure that they have a protocol for similar incidents in the future.


Lastly, he decided to recalibrate the company. With senior engineers in place, he now has additional manpower to handle all the things that could be missed by a newer engineer. Plus, he implemented longer testing on the products just to find out the things that could still be improved.

Steve Barbarich was serious with his business to the point that he wanted to make sure that everything was covered. Even with bad reviews, he made sure to come back and prove critics wrong.