Lessons from the Bad Steve Barbarich Reviews: How to Make it Work Despite Negative Reviews

A lot of times, reviews could make or break businesses regardless if it’s new or already established. If you’re an entrepreneur, getting a bad review is hard to recover from. Did you know that in most cases, customers try to do a lot of research before they even decide to buy a product? According to studies, 8 out of 10 customers check online reviews and base their decision there.

Steven Barbarich can tell you that having negative reviews can be detrimental to the growth of your business especially if it’s only starting. Over the years, the Steven Barbarich reviews weren’t generally good reviews. These were bad reviews because Steven Barbarich made a mistake. The mistake was to set a deadline that was too early for young engineers. Without the help of senior engineers when they first started their company, they had to learn the hard way.

It was a big gamble on their part to see how far their skills can take them. They were either going to make it big or potentially lose everything that they invested. Fortunately, they were able to apologize and get a second chance from their market.

Then, when Steve Barbarich started another business, he made sure to get the help of experts in the industry. The Steven Barbarich San Diego vacation homes rental platform was quite different from what he offered in the past. The Steve Barbarich San Diego vacation homes rental platform offered service rather than products that he’d have to design. Even if it was goodbye to his first love, engineering, it allowed him to carry out his role as CEO of the company and not worry about flawed designs.

The platform is just like Airbnb. However, it is a bit different in some areas. For one, the platform that he started was focused mainly on luxurious houses transformed into vacation rentals. These vacation rentals usually involve pools and have unique features that you don’t typically see in your usual property on Airbnb. Also, the vacation rental platform was focused in San Diego, San Francisco, and LA—areas that Barbarich knows quite well.

Before he started his vacation rental platform, he first opened his Airbnb property management company. This company was focused on offering cleaning services as well as marketing the listing on Airbnb. In addition to this, he also offered his services as a consultant. Here, he made it possible to transform properties to become suited to Airbnb. He does it by optimizing the client’s budget, making sure that they don’t go overboard with the money that they are going to spend.

Steve Barbarich today is known as a serial entrepreneur who explored different industries and niches. A lot of people are asking if it is possible to create the things that he did. The short answer is that you can do what he did if you are going to be smart with your strategies. Will it be easy? That’s not the case. You will need a bit of luck and hard work to make things possible.