The Steve Barbarich Story How He Started His Airbnb Management Firm

The Steve Barbarich news for the past few years was good. But if you will check the news about his company when he was still starting, you may start to notice a lot of those who made the reviews weren’t exactly happy with the products he sold.

But before you judge the Steve Barbarich Airbnb management and consultancy firm that he started more recently, you also have to know the entire story of why this happened.

For one, did you know that Steven Barbarich didn’t have any business background when he started? Though it isn’t a good enough reason, this is a good way to start if you wish to understand how he became successful in his niche. He became successful by learning everything from scratch and understanding the mistakes he made along the way.

He discovered that it wasn’t exactly easy to start your own business. Starting your business requires a lot of planning and not just passion and a bit of capital.

From Engineer to Entrepreneur

Steve Barbarich finished an engineering degree at Harvey Mudd College. He dreamed of becoming an inventor right from the start. But when he got a job, he discovered that it isn’t exactly simple. You will be working on different parts of a product only to interact with different departments. Also, you don’t have control over the profit or how the product is going to be developed. At the end of the day, you do as you are told, and you have superiors to answer to.

When he decided to become an entrepreneur, he studied how patents work. He then tried his best to invite other engineers to join him making sure that they also get a piece of the pie if their invention worked. Even if the intention was good, the venture was a failure.

They received bad reviews until the company didn’t exactly deliver as promised. However, this didn’t stop Barbarich from chasing his dream.

Vacation Rentals

When he started his Airbnb management and consultancy firm, that’s when he realized all his mistakes in his first venture. This time around, he tried to study the market. He also hired senior consultants who looked into his business and told him the flaws and the things that could cause problems not just for him but also for customers.

Today, he is running his Airbnb management company in cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, and also in Los Angeles. The reason for this is that he knows these cities well. He understands the demands and he also wanted to start slow.

One of the biggest questions that people ask is if Barbarich is a scammer. In reality, he isn’t. He was simply a businessman who failed the first time around because he was too eager to do something that required more people to become operational. In his first business, his roles include inventor to manager. At the end of the day, it became problematic for him. He recovered from all this by issuing refunds and replacing products sold online. This allowed him to clear his name and become successful in his current venture.