6 Spooky Places that you can Rent on Airbnb

Many of us travelers know Airbnb as the place to go if we wanted to have inexpensive vacation rentals. Airbnb has a huge listing of places that can be rented and it can go from shared rooms, standard houses, trailers, mansions, and even islands.You can even dig deeper and look for haunted houses to rent if you want to experience the thrill of getting spooked out by ghost, poltergeist or other unknown entities. I made a research and collected some haunted Airbnb rentals that you may want to spend the night or avoid at all cost.

It would seem like haunted places has its own charm because believe it or not a lot of travelers spend a lot of money just to experience staying inside a haunted mansion. Most of these haunted vacation rentals are so old and have a dark history or maybe witnessed a lot of grueling scenes from the past. So if you’re planning to book a spooky mansion, better let your friends or family know where you will be staying.

Highlands mansion: Denver, CO


Since the bathtub is inside the bedroom, you might wake up in the middle of the night seeing something soaking in the tub. This Victorian mansion provides friendly staff and maybe a friendly ghost? So far it has good ratings in Airbnb but it is still one of the most voted places for paranormal studies.

Civil War Farm House: Gettysburg, PA

I can say that this is a very quiet and nice place to stay if you want to get out of the city noise. However, you might get bothered by a civil war ghost roaming the hallways. This place surely has a history worth sharing as it was used as a war field hospital during the civil war.

Haunting Mansion on Hill, Maine

This place will not be named Haunting mansion for no reason! The mansion is located on a secluded hill surrounded by creepy mature trees. A really nice place to relax and maybe have a thrilling experience.
The Alfred Rosenheim Mansion: Los Angeles, CA AKA “Murder House” from the American Horror Story
For a brief moment, this mansion was put on listing on Airbnb. This mansion is famous for being used for horror movies and shows like Buffy the vampire slayer, X-files, The Twilight Zone, and American Horror Story.

Hackett Castle: Tipperary, Ireland

A unique place to stay would be a 15th Century Castle! For sure, lots of things happened inside the castle, so much history and horror stories. You might see a headless knight roaming around or maybe a creepy torture chamber. Just beware of the dungeon!

Historic Dairsie Castle: Fife, Scotland

Another castle on the list! Old places hold old grudges, that’s what my grandfather told me. Beautiful it may seem, but we don’t know all the dark secrets that happen within the castle walls. For sure one or two restless souls may still be haunting the place.

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