Co-Working Spaces in San Francisco During the Pandemic

Many are losing their jobs and businesses in San Francisco. Because of the pandemic, some businesses are forced to downsize or completely close. In the end, San Francisco has more people who don’t have jobs. And currently, it is important to find a way to solve this problem.

One of the businesses affected by the COVID19 pandemic is the co-working space industry. In San Francisco, many have relied on co-working spaces not only as their workplace but also as a place where they can meet clients and build their business. But now that protocols are in place, there is no definite timeframe when these businesses are ready to open once again.
Can this industry survive given the pandemic? These days, businesses have supported their staff to do most of the work at home. This prevents them from being at risk of getting sick while going to the office or staying in the office.

Creating Private Rooms

One of the possible solutions to this problem is by creating private rooms for individuals. Instead of having spaces where they could interact with everyone using the co-working space, it is safer if people will have their own room instead. Of course, this will mean an additional cost for the co-working space. There is also a chance that they have no other choice but to raise their rate.

Sanitize Often

Another important factor that can potentially keep the business running is if the management is going to adhere to safety protocols. What are the safety protocols that should be in place in a co-working space? Apart from the limited number of people getting in the co-working space, it is also important to sanitize the entire property often. Some establishments tend to sanitize the entire property every two to three days. Again, this might be expensive and additional upkeep, but this can earn the confidence of your potential clients. They could be convinced to work in your co-working space especially if they think that online meetings tend to hamper their productivity.

Fast Internet

Not everyone has fast internet at home. If you can offer uninterrupted fast internet to your potential clients, the more that they’d be interested use the co-working space. And also, you might as well provide them with optional equipment. Camera and microphones could be good add-on equipment that can come in handy especially for someone who doesn’t want to be carrying everything just to get things done.

Sound-Proof Rooms

Co-working spaces should also focus on privacy and allow the person to work without being disturbed. Aside from having a private room, might as well make sure that it is sound-proof. Some people are required to answer calls and have a conference with other people online. Unfortunately, some people don’t have homes that are conducive to such setup.

The co-working spaces in San Francisco can survive. However, it is important to be able to adapt to the new normal. Social distancing should be in place. And also, it is equally important that the person can work and be comfortable. With these tips, co-working spaces can survive the pandemic.