Highly Recommended Restaurants to Visit in Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn is a hometown of the finest restaurants and cuisine, just a quick walk around the town and you will surely find the food that you have been craving for. Each restaurant brags their specialty from extra large burgers and pizzas, jaw-dropping steaks, finely crafted cakes, irresistible tasty bread etc. I visited almost all restaurants in Brooklyn and decided to list the ones that tickled my taste buds.

El Gallo Taqueria
214 Highlawn Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11223
b/t 6th St & 5th St

This Mexican restaurant boasts its tacos! Yes, El Gallo’s tacos have more than 14 types of fillings to choose from. You can have grilled steak, beef brisket, salted beef, mushroom, avocados, beef tongue, shrimp etc. It’s absolutely delicious and a must visit if you are in love or just curious about Mexican food. Oh, and don’t forget to order the Horchata it’s delicious!

Peter Luger Steak House Restaurant

178 Broadway,
Brooklyn, NY 11211-6131

I’ve been looking forward to visiting this restaurant since my arrival in Brooklyn last March 2017, and I can say that I was not disappointed one bit. Everything in this restaurant shouts history and excellent customer service! The steak was amazing as well as the bacon and the onion rings as a side dish was superb. It is a little pricey but the food is worth every penny.

Shake Shack Restaurant

409 Fulton St, Brooklyn,
NY 11201-5103

Want a quick meal? Then I highly suggest dropping by the Shake Shack! This restaurant has the best burgers in town. But watch your diet because their burgers are packed and loaded with pure juicy beef that will surely make you come back for more. The restaurant is always busy though but the food is worth the hassle of joining the crowd.

Tom’s Restaurant
782 Washington Ave, Brooklyn,
NY 11238-4506

Looking for authentic American dining experience? Then Tom’s restaurant is the best place to dig in. The cost of food here is pretty cheap yet it comes in big serving and tastes really wonderful. I love their breakfast menu like pancakes and waffles topped with cinnamon, banana, or fresh strawberries, a generous serving of BLT, omelet and a lot more! This is definitely one of my most favorite restaurants.

The River Cafe Restaurant

1 Water St, Brooklyn,
NY 11201-1335

Planning to go on a date or maybe treat your special someone to a fancy and scenic dining in Brooklyn? Then don’t miss out the chance to visit the River Cafe! This restaurant has the best staff and world-class food service that will make you feel like a royalty. I consider this restaurant as one of the gems in Brooklyn as it can meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to fine dining.

Pisillo Italian Panini Restaurant
97 Nassau Street, New York City,
NY 10038-2703

Monster Italian sandwiches along the busy financial district of New York. That’s what comes to mind after grabbing a bite from this restaurant. The bread alone taste wonderful and when combined with Italian meat and ingredients will surely satisfy your palate. The sandwiches come in really big serving which is perfect for big eaters like me.

These are the restaurants I tried that met and satisfied my food cravings. If you have other restaurants to suggest then just leave a comment below because I would love to try new things.