Steve Barbarich Complaints That Turned into a Learning Experience

In case you’re wondering what happened to the Steve Barbarich complaints in the past years, you might want to continue reading this article. We’ve followed both old and new Steve Barbarich news and discovered how he handled the complaints and made use of it as his inspiration to run successful businesses.

For starters, how bad were the Steven Barbarich complaints in recent years? If it happened to someone who wasn’t ready to deal with bad reviews, this would’ve been enough to make anyone call it quits. So what did he do to turn things around? And what can businesses learn from this experience?

Customers Give Companies Multiple Chances

The number one lesson that Steven Barbarich learned from his years as an entrepreneur was that he received multiple chances from his customers. Customers were patient about the refunds and the returns. Unfortunately, with minimal manpower, Barbarich had no other choice but to micromanage. And that’s when customers decided to write their bad reviews.

But for businesses, it’s not exactly a bad thing if you’re going to receive a complaint here and there. It’s a matter of addressing the problem.

Having a Dedicated Team for Customers’ Complaints Matter

One of the biggest mistakes that Barbarich did was to micromanage. When he was micromanaging the tasks, things were slow. He had to take care of the overall operations of his business and then deal with the bad reviews at the same time.

The first thing that he did to address the problem was to hire people who would take care of the complaints. After that, things ran smoother for his business. He felt the weight off his shoulders because of this department. And since then, he always made sure to hire additional manpower rather than to “save” and micromanage tasks.

Create a Good Impression Online

Barbarich also learned about the importance of having a good impression online. When his business was receiving bad reviews, he noticed that there were fewer inquiries. However, when he started apologizing and asked for a second chance, that was the only time when queries increased.

He then saw a jump in the number of good reviews and then eventually the sales went up as well. It’s safe to assume that customers tend to do a lot of research about the company that they are going to transact with. If you have plans of running a business, it also makes sense that you check your online reputation once in a while.

Apologize if needed and make sure that you are going to be serious when it comes to improving your services or your products.

Barbarich realized that a bad review can go a long way. However, like what was mentioned earlier, customers are also keen on giving second chances, especially to small startups.

Steven Barbarich today is a successful entrepreneur. He managed to launch different businesses and even became a leader in today’s vacation rental industry in San Francisco. However, he experienced success after suffering from drawbacks. He just learned from his mistakes. For other businesses, this is something that you can draw inspiration from.