Steve Barbarich VacationHomes365 As an Airbnb Alternative

There are instances when staying in an Airbnb is more practical than staying in a posh hotel. If you’re a traveler, you’re likely going to spend $80 to $100 if you wish to stay in a hotel. But with Airbnb, you could get it for less. Now, if you stay longer, then you’d even get a discount.

There are several perks when you stay in an Airbnb over a hotel. One, it feels like you’re at home. Aside from the more competitive rate, there is also a chance that you can bring your pet with you. Nowadays, there are Airbnbs that offer a pet-friendly space and even provide a room where you can work comfortably.

That’s why Steven Barbarich saw the opportunity to enter the vacation rental business. Steven Barbarich Vacation Homes 365 started after traveling to different places in his past job. He realized that Steve Barbarich Vacation Homes 365 can have a shot against Airbnb as a platform in some areas.

Before starting Vacation Homes 365, Steve Barbarich worked for several Airbnb hosts. Steven Barbarich Airbnb property management was the one that helped hosts maintain their business.

When he started his venture, the first thing that he had to consider is how to make the platform different from Airbnb. Vacation Homes 365 was a spitting image of Airbnb in concept. However, Barbarich made sure that he didn’t become too ambitious only to discover that he couldn’t match the capital of Airbnb.

Steven Barbarich concentrated on areas that he knows best. He first started VacationHomes365 services in San Francisco. Here, he already knows people to contact. He already has a bunch of friends who put up their property on Airbnb.

There was a time when he started with just a few friends who happened to host their property for travelers in San Francisco. With the right approach to social media, he was able to grow his network. It took a while before the platform became popular platform for travelers.

However, one of the biggest advantages that Barbarich had was that he was able to bring the help of pros to his business. He already had cleaners who can maintain the property right after the guest checked out. Also, he knows contractors who were willing to help hosts who needed renovations.

Barbarich used his experience with Airbnb properties to transform homes that had potential. He also made sure to make the price on the platform a bit more competitive than Airbnb. He accepted the fact that he can’t go head to head with such a big company.

Steven Barbarich proved several things when he decided to start He proved that even a small platform can still be considered a success. It also helps if you know the business that you’re getting yourself into. When Steven Barbarich was still a starting entrepreneur, he committed a lot of blunders along the way. But this time around, he chose to play everything safe. He managed to capture a small segment of the market and it just grew organically from there.