The Road to Steve Barbarich’s Success!

Steve Barbarich is just one of the many names you might probably hear who become a millionaire through the internet. Aren’t you wondering how he did it? Well let’s find out and see what his principles are and what is going on in his mind until he reaches his state up to the present. To start off let me give you a short overview on his career, After graduating with honors at Harvey Mudd College in with an Engineering degree , Steve started a long chain of start-ups, most of which were fairly succesful. Before he graduated college he developed and patented The FingerTip Soldering Tool which he sold to Wahl (TM) in full licensing rights. From that experience, he wrote the best seller “How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents”, and from this he started his long career of helping launch new innovations from inventors, in which he founded and sold out of Absoluteynew to a venture capitalist group Artiman Ventures, and then begun a 7 year sting in the Eccomerce Industry where he manufactured and sold his own product lines on the internet. For the first several years of this business Steve Barbarich re-ivnented himself as an Internet Marketing Master, mastering the arts of SEM and SEO to bring advertising in house in his ecommerce businesses, and later became a consultant helping many other businesses launch their own Internet Marketing departments.

SEO is one of the basic talents needed for you to lure potential clients and promote your website to increase its popularity. However, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is quite hard to understand if you have no background on it. It is really a tiresome job and has lots of things to take note. Good thing Steve Barbarich knew some people who have helped him on his first website. So if you are a business owner and don’t know about it then it would be wiser if you will just hire someone to do an SEO for you. You save time and effort and at the same time you spend your money wisely.

Another thing that Steve Barbarich emphasizes is that you must get the right keyword and search engine optimizations for your web page. I guess all of us know how to use search engines right? We are also quite familiar with bing, yahoo, google and etc. so you need to make sure that the keywords you choose should rank on top of those search engines and there are guidelines on it on how to rank on top. You just consider and make sure that your keywords are easy to remember by the general people and should be related to the web page you are making. Also the web page is highly recommended to be easy to use and easy to navigate. I think if you also don’t know how to make a good web page then better hire a web page developer for you to make sure your page will not look bad.

Then, we also have social Media and promotion wherein you need to promote your website and at the same time use social medias like facebook, twitter, blogs and youtube to do it. Simply campaign your web page on social websites and then have some promos so that it would generate traffic. The theory goes this way when you generate more traffic it means more sales and more reputation for your website so this is your aim. Also you can hire an SEO for this job just in case you really need one. Another thing is how you treat your customer Steve Barbarich staffs really set an example as to how they attend to their clients among all other E-commerce sites out there.